Dienstag, 17. Januar 2017
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Since 1975 the association “Miteinander” (what means "together") is involved for the integration of people with disabilities in all areas of life and offers professional services for people with disabilities of all ages in Upper-Austria. Increasing demands have resulted in a very broad field of activities that satisfy the needs from infants up to seniors.

To be able to enforce the role as lobbyist for the interest of people with disabilities, in January 2003, the professional services of “Miteinander” have been united in a private limited company (Miteinander GmbH).

The services of the Miteinander GmbH are:

  • Pedagogical support for infants with disabilities
  • Individual support for people with disabilities
  • Special trainee for disabled juveniles
  • Education, Employment, Care (BBB)
  • Job coaching
  • Personal job assistance
  • Mobile attendance and care for elder people
  • Mobile assistance for people with Disabilities
  • Advisory board for families with the emphasis on integration
  • Attended housing for people with disabilities
  • Data-Highway for people with disabilities

We have branches in Linz, Wels, Steyr, Ried, Gmunden and Enns.
A service of the association “Miteinander” is the leisure time-club for people with disabilities.

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